My Gear


  • Nikon D500 - This is my main workhorse and I shoot the majority of my images on this camera.
  • Nikon D7100 - My backup body should the disastrous happen.
  • Hasselblad 500c - 120mm film camera with a lot of sentimental value.


  • Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 - My main lens which can usually be found attached to my D500.
  • Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 - Wide angle lens
  • Nikon 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G - My favorite travel/walking around lens. It's light, decently sharp, and has a huge zoom range.
  • Nikon 35mm f/1.8 - My least used lens but handy when I need something super fast.


  • Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH - My main tripod for almost everything. It's very well built and stable.  I love the fact that I can articulate the center post for getting around obstacles and getting the camera super low to the ground.

Vlogging Gear:

  • Canon G5X Compact - This little powerhouse is a great vlogging and backup camera. It has excellent image quality, shoots full 1080p video at 60fps, and is almost my smallest peice of gear.
  • GoPro Hero 3+ - Good backup camera and super useful for underwater or hazardous shots.
  • Joby Gorillapod - Small, lightweight and surprisingly versatile tripod with fully articulating legs able to wrap around envoronmental features.